Great Gentleman Multi - function 85mm Stainless steel Shaving Bow

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This shaving bowl is the perfect tool to ensure your shaving cream is lathered just right and in easy reach, making your morning ritual much better. You’ll be quick to understand the desirability of a premium shaving mug almost immediately upon first use. 

This conveniently sized Metal Shaving bowl is been lathe turned, varnished, and polished by hand meaning each bowl has a unique finish. It will be the ideal accompaniment to your shaving gear.   

Perfect for lathering up your soaps and creams and adding a touch of class to your bathroom cabinet.
Approximate Dimensions:
  • Dia: 96mm
  • Tall: 38mm
  • Weight: 49.6g
  • Made in  USA

Note: These are handmade thus item each piece will vary slightly in size and finish.