Private customization

We specialize in the production of high-end manual shaving tools with a history of up to 15 years.

     You can choose the shaving tools you want in our store. If the products in the store cannot meet your needs, we can provide you with high-end personalized customization based on your ideas or your design drawings! A set of minimum order, and the price is the same as the existing products in the store.      

   If you feel that your customized product works well, with your consent, we can copy the product you designed and put it on our website and physical store for sale. Within two years (counted from the day the product is put on the shelf), if we sell every piece of your design, we will give you 10% of the price of your work as a reward for sharing your beauty and practicality! Hope the world is better and more convenient! Hope you all participate enthusiastically!

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